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We Understand how fire damage affects you

Whether it was your precious home or your business you worked so hard on. Fire damage is not easy on anyone and can be a very traumatic experience. This scary event can wreak havoc to your property. Even after a fire is put out, many of your belongings will need to be cleaned properly from fire and smoke odor to keep you safe.

After a fire, tiny particles cling on to walls and objects like furniture, clothes, floors, and other items. These particles cause the odor to linger around your property. They usually end up everywhere and often get stuck in the tiniest holes and crannies. Smelling fire and smoke odor is dangerous for your health and needs to be removed.

Fire and Smoke Odor Removal Services

Our services are for properties of all types and sizes. We work with home and business owners. Our equipment includes state-of-the-art technology that includes hydroxyl generators, that will efficiently remove these harmful chemicals from your property. Not to worry, as all our tools and equipment is safe for you, your family, and animals.

What’s great about us is how we ease the insurance process for you. Fire Damage Contractors walks over the property with the insurance company adjuster to assist with the claim process. We also like to take pictures before and after our service so we can show your insurance company the degree of damage, as well as where the fire took place. Our after pictures will demonstrate the clean and healthy condition we left your house.

You will be very happy to work with us, as our company holds several significant core values. Your safety comes first- our professional and dedicated team will work hard to remove all toxins so you and your loved ones can feel and be secure. It can be so hard to move forward after the property you loved has been burned by a fire. Let us assist you in this healing process.

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